Aiding Dentists in Their Professional Development

Dr. Gary Michels standing with patient

I believe there are 4 elements to look for when searching for or becoming the best cosmetic dentist: passion, education, experience, and the realization that a smile is a very personal entity and it should remain as such. It can sometimes be easier to just blankly create a new smile but, if done poorly, it could no longer look like the patient.

A typical mistake made by some cosmetic dentists is that they don’t slow down and really listen to the patient. They’re in a hurry, so they skip this step and rush into sculpting the final product without seeing the whole face and story. I have based my dental practice on the foundation of always listening to my patients’ desires and am very cautious that we have always covered all the necessary bases. It’s also essential to ask for patient feedback throughout the process. Overall, in order for a smile to be personalized, the dentist has to take the time to do that the right way.

I also make it a habit to continuously stay up-to-date on the latest technologies while also mixing in the tried and true processes and procedures that I know have a high success rate. I love sharing my knowledge with others to help improve smiles and the people behind them. Whether I’m sharing information firsthand with my patients or consulting with growing dentists, I am passionate about helping others improve their lives and the lives of their patients. Afterall, you can’t create a thriving business, gain 40 years of experience, and publish a book without having some stories and lessons to share. Here’s how I can help:

  • Speaking (Sharing information at conferences, meetings, learning sessions)
  • Consulting (Helping teach, counsel, or guide you in your daily operations and procedures)
  • Personally — with a beautiful new smile!

— Dr. Michels

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